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The evolution and collaboration of farmerswife and Cirkus

Posted by Carla Molina Whyte on May 18, 2022

farmerswife is always evolving. Learning from the past 22 years we have grown deep roots of experience. We have been providing resource scheduling, project management, and team collaboration software for the demanding needs of today’s media industry. From these needs Cirkus was created, our PRO Resource Scheduling, Management & Collaboration cloud platform; designed to address the specific project needs of media organisations.

Introducing farmerswife

With clients in production, post-production, broadcasting, equipment rental, agencies, and education we offer a scalable solution that helps you manage your projects and teams. farmerswife is used worldwide by companies from small to large such as Apple, Disney, Warner Brothers, BBC, ITN, SBS, Spiegel TV, Hogarth, and Nordisk Film.

Our collaborative project management software enables you to organize and track project resources, plan, and control the project lifecycle, manage day-to-day tasks, create customized budgets and analyze financial performance in a practical way that drives better decisions.

"With the farmerswife cloud hosting solution we can keep our monthly costs low but we can generate quotes, schedule our studios and people and make sure we invoice our clients for all the work done" say our clients at Schwarm.
 farmers<strong>wife</strong> on screen

Introducing Cirkus

Available as both an integration for farmerswife, or as a standalone product, Cirkus has been built to reflect and adapt to the way teams work and collaborate in the real world. It allows users to schedule, assign and manage projects and tasks; track status and report time; and collaborate efficiently with anyone, anywhere by coordinating resources and sharing files in one central hub.

Cirkus accommodates all devices and is available on macOS, iOS, Android and as a web app.

“Cirkus is THE tool we were searching for many years. It combines the different functionalities of multiple other planning tools in one single place, making communication easy and workflows transparent. A must have.”  says Carsten Schuffert Bewegte Bilder ’s CEO-Managing Director.

cirkus on screen

The evolution of the farmerswife and Cirkus collaboration

Cirkus, a new solution from farmerswife. The fresh way to help you and your team get work done. Forging a new path to stay connected. farmerswife's collaboration with Cirkus keeps everyone in the loop. 

Both tools are available as powerful standalone products but together they form a true end-to-end solution for all media project management tasks. farmerswife provides the ‘heavy lifting’ of in house schedule and resource management alongside financial reporting, while Cirkus acts as the collaboration platform to share detailed information with distributed teams both internally and externally. 

Why you should choose farmerswife and Cirkus

farmerswife and Cirkus provide a complete solution for task collaboration, and powerful financial management. 

Advanced technologies

Cirkus offers all the project time management and task management features that you’d expect like: due dates, reminders, assignees, comments, recurring tasks and file attachments, as well as advanced features such as project templates, custom fields, new milestones and task triggers that support complex, repetitive workflows. farmerswife our complete scheduling software offers projects and financial reports that can be synced to projects and tasks in Cirkus. By having both tools collaborating you will have a full picture to control costs and invoice for the work completed. 

Magnificent and experienced team

People are a big part of this evolution. Our highly experienced multilingual support team provides the bedrock on which our products can take root and flourish.

The farmerswife team has a wealth of experience supporting and implementing workflows tailored to our customers needs. 


farmerswife is the proven engine for complex projects and financial management demands. While Cirkus is an elegant and simple day to day task collaboration tool for teamsfarmerswife and Cirkus collaboration will solve your company's needs, end to end.


What makes farmerswife and Cirkus better than other similar softwares?

farmerswife and Cirkus offer unlimited resources and projects unlike some of the other softwares out in the market which are limited to a certain amount of resources. It also provides worldwide support and access to manage your business from pretty much any device or operating system. Both tools are suitable for any company size or budget and provide industry leading cloud or onsite architecture.

Is worldwide support available?

Yes, we have multilingual experts scattered all around the globe willing to help you make the most out of farmerswife and Cirkus.

How many projects can you manage simultaneously on farmerswife and Cirkus?

Unlimited projects.


Interested in learning more about farmerswife and Cirkus?
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Carla Molina Whyte

Written by Carla Molina Whyte

Marketing Executive at farmerswife