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farmerswife Blog

Steps for successful software implementation

  After the decision is made to implement a new software product in an organizational structure, or for an individual end-user, we must make sure that the implementation is a smooth and structured process and that all key users are getting involved, ...

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farmerswife Release v6.6 SP2

By Mirja Hukill on November 25, 2020 in

We are very happy to release our Service Pack 2 for version 6.6 of farmerswife!  This Service Pack is addressing issues around PDF printing and font support that were especially affecting Windows users, but it also includes some nice new features ...

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It's September and September means IBC

Usually during this time of the year we would be heading to the IBC Exhibition in Amsterdam where we meet with our lovely clients, new prospects and farmerswife lovers. Since we will not be able to show some of our new features in farmerswife and ...

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Why is time tracking important for organizations?

Have you ever completed a project for your Client and wondered how much time it actually took your team to get it done? I am sure the answer is yes. Tracking real time spent on your projects is not only important when you are paying your resources ...

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Remote Work and Collaboration

  The past few months have been a unique time for us all. And we are still facing a somewhat unknown era ahead. For some of our clients the work load exploded and needed to be managed remotely from one day to the next. Other companies came to a ...

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farmerswife Release v6.6 SP1

By Mirja Hukill on May 20, 2020 in

Here it is, our Service Pack 1 for the 6.6 Release version of farmerswife! This Service pack addresses important issues around report design and PDF printing, so do not miss the new SCAN FONTS feature, read more below to know if you will need to use ...

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farmerswife Release v6.6 - 64-bit is here!

By Mirja Hukill on January 29, 2020 in

Here it is, our 64-bit version of farmerswife! Not so long after our 6.5 release and not so feature overloaded but still with some nice new additions.  Read about our highlights and most important changes below.  ...

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farmerswife or Cirkus - which one is right for you?

By Stephen Elliott on January 28, 2020 in

farmerswife, cirkus

Building on 20 years of expertise in scheduling & management tools for the media industry, we are launching a new version this month of our cloud platform Cirkus....

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farmerswife Release v6.5

By Mirja Hukill on October 09, 2019 in

Long awaited but now ready to be shown to the world! The new farmerswife v6.5 is out! It's been a while since our last major release, but we hope you will think it has been worth the wait!  Read below about our highlights and most important ...

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Please wait!

By Katerina Adam on September 11, 2019 in

farmerswife news

If you are a macOS user, eager to upgrade to Catalina (released in Beta phase) PLEASE WAIT until we release the NEW farmerswife with native 64bit support.  Important: Do NOT upgrade to macOS Catalina as you will not be able to run your current ...

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