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Simplify Your Work with a Post-Production Scheduling Software

Simplify Your Work with a Post-Production Scheduling Software

Hailed as the best in project and resource management for the media industry, this all-in-one software allows you to simplify your work by providing you with a toolbox that helps you organize and track project resources, plan and control the project lifecycle, and manage day-to-day tasks, all from comfort of a secure, high-speed database that can be accessed across multiple platforms. Sound too good to be true? Take a deeper look. 

Simplify the Workflow Independently and as a Team 

The best thing about utilizing farmerswife’s post-production scheduling software? You get more done because you are allowed to sync information across all platforms to keep the entire team up-to-date with real-time information. The software allows you to keep your entire team not only informed but engaged.

Information can be pulled up on a screen or monitored at any time with the simple touch of a button. This gives you and all of your co-workers a full, complete overview of projects, including things such as client contact details, customized project descriptions, and up-to-date information on bookings and resources.

But utilizing a Gantt-style timeline, you are simplifying the workflow for each team member, both on an individual and group basis, and making sure everyone stays updated with what is happening daily and long-term. By providing defined project stages, milestones and checkpoints for every member of the production process, you are simplifying the workflow to get more done both independently and as a team.

Track Progress & Work Better Together

One of the benefits of the farmerswife software is that it can be accessed from your PC, Mac, iPhone or iPad. All you have to do is download our native iOS app, access our web client or utilize the Android-optimized mobile web client. This creates a bridge between the age-old dilemma of scheduling software and project management.

The fact that it is an all-in-one software also enhances the efficiency in working to simplify processes for you and your team. It can often get tiring trying to use different tools to manage various project aspects, which is why we believe an all-in-one post-production scheduling software is the best way to go. Check out what some of our clients are saying about us. 

Whether you’re trying to enhance your company’s personnel management, keep track of quotes, invoices & purchase orders, or looking for comprehensive cost tracking and reporting, an all-in-one platform will streamline each process for you and allow you to see who needs to do what and when. By assigning critical to-do tasks to team members that have remote access you can track progress as it is made and work better together.

Contact Us for a Free Demo

Ready to start simplifying your work? Contact us today for a free one to one demo to see how this post-production software would work within your specific company’s needs and project base. During the pre-implementation stage, we help you analyze and define your needs so you can start integrating this all-in-one media software with the greatest impact.