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Run Your Content Agency Like a Boss

By Jodi Clifford on January 22, 2019 in

project management, content creation

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The key to running a successful agency is to not let it run you. Skilled PMs know how to get the best work from their teams. They collaborate effectively, ask the right questions, think ahead and anticipate the twists and turns in the road while having the courage to tackle a variety of challenging issues. 

Using project management software to organize a multitude of tasks and projects gives a mass of work a sense of order. But being an effective juggler—someone who can keep a lot of balls in the air, and also get things done—requires some important skills. 

As a content agency, it all boils down to how you and your
 team spend, bill, and manage time. While some agencies may have started with (or may still be using) an Excel spreadsheet to track hours, it can be quite painful to maintain accurate data — especially as you grow.

Because every minute counts in an agency environment, you'll want to get your time-tracking technology squared away quickly.

But, what are some of the things you might want in a resource scheduling platform? Let’s have a look!

Easy Time reporting

You want something that’s user-friendly for everyone on the team, and offers a mobile app, automated time tracking features, and easy-to-access reports and visual summaries of timesheet approvals and completion.

If it's not easy, your team won't accurately track their time.

Project Insights

Tracking time worked on projects is simple. What is much more interesting, is how employee time affects agency operations. Beyond just having visibility into how long something took and the associated billable hours, it's important to understand:

  • Employee utilization by person, team, and client
  • How actual costs stack up against estimates
  • How costs are allocated across different activities or groups

Employee Resource Planning

Knowing the capacity of your workforce is at the core of managing your projects and starting new ones.

Imagine how much more effective your agency could be if you had real-time visibility into employee capacity? Managing employee capacity is key to keeping costs down.

That’s what farmerswife software is designed to help you do. Don't hesitate to contact me if you want a Demo.