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How to onboard a new farmer

Posted by Mirja Hukill on September 25, 2018


Getting new people onboard? Getting a new hire up to speed is a complex process that can go on for weeks. However, having a structured process for onboarding a new hire can make life easier. Every phase of the onboarding process with a new employee is important, from before they begin their job, through their first month, to the successful completion of their first year.

With an eye toward the goals of helping create a welcoming atmosphere and providing the guidance necessary for new hires we’ve designed a checklists that provide some useful instructions for new users of farmerswife

Here are some nice tips and tricks when you are getting new people onboard!

Hey did you know most of our users are web users? Need some more licenses or some additional training? Just ask for a quote!  

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 Also read the Cirkus blog post with some tips and trick on how to get new people onboard. 

Stay awesome! 

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Mirja Hukill

Written by Mirja Hukill

Senior Product Specialist at farmerswife