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farmerswife Release v6.5

Posted by Mirja Hukill on October 09, 2019

Long awaited but now ready to be shown to the world! The new farmerswife v6.5 is out! It's been a while since our last major release, but we hope you will think it has been worth the wait! 

Read below about our highlights and most important changes.  

Work faster - Perform better

A stable and fast performance is crucial for your daily farmerswife work. When your database gets really big or you are juggling with long bookings and many involved resources you may have been noticing slow performance. In version 6.5 we've addressed this in various areas of farmerswife. We've looked at different scenarios and processes that our clients reported and found we could substantially improve speed in these ways:

  • added built-in financial reports performance improvements using "threading" and "caching" (if you want more technical detail on this you can read more here - or you can just know that generating your reports should be much faster!!)
  • made the Long Form much speedier to work with by optimising the process of drawing out all the bookings on screen when you are working with booking across many objects
  • improved performance (saving more than a minute!!) when working on booking operations within big databases (by big we mean containing more than 10.000 bookings).
  • better indexing of "Web Shared Hourline Views" and "Dayplan Hourline Views" in Web Profiles. 

Read more.

Behold! Super heroes, country flags and more

It's not only fun to carefully choose an icon for users or objects. It can also be quite useful for visual layout. Now you can choose your favourite super hero for your staff, freelancers or customer profiles... We have put in a lot of new icons for you to choose from! For a full overview of all icons check this article

If you are still missing your favourite icon then Let us know!

Request your 6.5 license!

We love Budgeting

That's why we've added some love to our most popular add-on; we moved some buttons and added some nice tweaks to the Graphical User Interface. You can also now Lock Budgets, so users without permission will see a "locked" icon next to the budget name. Read more.

Additionally you can now attach actuals to selected active budgets when you are creating a booking - pretty exciting for those who hate that chore of attaching actuals in the budgeting window. And then all other involved objects in the booking and time reported extras can be attached to the same active budget. So you can save that time later for a nice cup of tea! Read more.

Managing or Renting out lots of equipment? 

Version 6.5 is a big step forward towards a complete solution for Rental houses and Production companies that manage large amounts equipment. Curious to find out what we added to our EMT option? Click here to find out.

The importance of financial reports... 

We know that keeping an eye on the financials is key for running a business successfully . So we've listened to our customer feedback and added more fields and groupings to the Financial Reports such as;

  • the "Menu Group" (configured on Materials, Services and Expenses) as Element to the "Rows" section or the group by "Week".
  • the "Quantity As Hours" field! If an object has a day rate configured, the Quantity field in Financial Reports will show the number of days, regardless how many hours were booked. But sometimes you'd like to see the number of hours instead, so there's now a "Quantity As Hours" field.
    Yay! Show me more!
  • Time Report Day Note - that's the note a Web User fills in his Time Report. Now you can find it in the Rows section. We also changed so that the "Object Time Report Note" shows values for multi-day Bookings, regardless of the setting "View Class Booking As Separate Days" being enabled or not.
  • Frequently pulling the same report on the same resources? Save time with the new "Save Filter" option in the Financial Reports. Read more.

You love invoicing? We do too

Yes, now you can schedule your (pre-payment) invoices!! Read all about it here. And if you're using Divisions (add-on), you will be happy to hear that you can now automate the process of creating internal invoices. Find out more about divisional invoicing!

At a glance!

We like the Object Tree. It gives you a long term overview on capacity and availability. Now this also allows you to do some bulk operations on Bookings (by multi-selecting Bookings) and to run quick reports. There's a new filter for conflicts and preliminary bookings too. Read all about the Object Tree here. 

Cirkus Sync

If you are using Cirkus, our new task management application with farmerswife, you will be glad to know that we have made improvements on syncing farmerswife <> Cirkus for better stability. Read more.

Surprise with a schedule!

If you are planning a project but you are not ready to release it to your creatives / web users, or do not want them to receive unnecessary schedule changes emails, you can use the "Web Visibility" feature, which we have improved in this version. Read more.

Keep an eye on your projects!

Seen the little magnifying glass? It's really magnificent :) You'll find it in the Project Tree. Click on it to open our new Project Selector, listing recent projects, and if your project is not in the list you can conveniently use the search field. You can also easily create a new project from the same window.

Also new is the sorting of bookings by date in the Projects Tree.... until now Bookings appeared in order of creation (hm) -  but now you can nicely sort them by date so they appear in a proper Gantt Chart View - beautiful! Read more.

The little things...

...should not be unmentioned. You know you can always read all the nice stuff we added (including all nice bug fixes) in our Release Notes... but here are a few of our small highlights:

  •  Have a lot of projects? Now when you are creating a booking, simply choose the option:
    Booking On <Search Project> then start typing the name of that project for a super quick way to select the project you need
  • Objects belonging to a Basket - that info can now be shown in a Toolbox > Objects > Basket Column.
  • If you were using pre-defined services or extras within bookings > now all object types are available to be added!
  • You can easily share booking templates between users, rename them and overwrite them
  • Object Classes can now be set to inactive, no need to delete if you want to clean up your database but keep previous data information
  • New hotkeys are available, e.g. for "Never Select Or Book On Weekends Or Public Holidays".
  • When you cancel a project, all Bookings can disappear from the Time Lines! Check it out.
  • A new "Read-Only" mode for Projects means that TWO Users can open it simultaneously. So nothing is stopping you from accessing that important information. Read more.
  • Set default behaviour of the pop window that appears when you replace an object on a booking, asking if you want to keep the old class, rates and activities Read more on how to replace objects.

For the full list of change in this version take a look at the Release Notes.

Don't hesitate to contact us! 

We at the farmerswife support team are happy to help you with whatever questions you might have. We are just an email or a phone call away. 

Request your 6.5 license!

See you next time in NAB New York 16-17 October!


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Mirja Hukill

Written by Mirja Hukill

Senior Product Specialist at farmerswife