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Cloud vs In-House Server

Posted by Stephen Elliott on June 05, 2019

Choosing your farmerswife server is like choosing between buying and leasing a car: each has specific advantages. Some companies prefer the accessibility of the cloud server, while others prefer the physical control of a local server. 

What works for you today, might not suit your needs tomorrow, and each comes with a different cost structure.

In order to decide the best fit for your business, let us quickly review the advantages of both cloud server and local server:

Pros of Cloud Servers

  • Scalability – The cloud allows you to easily and quickly add more storage, more memory, and more computing power. Adding any of this to an existing server is only a few clicks away and we will do that work for you
  • farmerswife cloud – Hosted, maintained and supported directly by farmerswife support personnel only (product upgrades, service packs, backups, user and security management, and configuration)
  • Support – Complete system administration support, incl provisioned test databases as requested for Quality Assurance
  • Low Capital Expense – You’ll still need to purchase software licenses, but your investment in hardware is greatly reduced by moving to the cloud. This allows small companies to get up and running quickly.
  • Security – NGINX Web Application Firewall (based on ModSecurity software) helps to protect against attacks, loss of sensitive data, and downtime due to malicious attempts
  • Cloud tools platform – based on Alpine Linux Docker containers and farmerswife servers based on Ubuntu Docker containers
  • Proactive backups and database analysis
  • API integration capabilities for any cloud or on-premises system

Pros of Local Server

  • Local servers act as a dedicated resource for your company. The entire local server is utilized by a single organization, and thus provides comprehensive control over the server
  • Local servers are highly effective, as the machines can directly interact with the local server without a virtualization layer that is present in case of cloud servers.
  • If CapEX is preferred to pay upfront instead of a monthly subscription
  • If you have to store your data in-house for legal reasons.

Read more about our system requirements for local server here

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Stephen Elliott

Written by Stephen Elliott