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farmerswife's Blog

Designed for media professionals, helping them to organize and track project resources, plan and control the project lifecycle, and manage day-to-day tasks.

Steps for successful software implementation

Posted by Mirja Hukill
May 12, 2021
After the decision is made to implement a new software product in an organizational structure, or for an individual end-user, we must make sure that the implementation is a smooth and structured process and that all key users are getting involved, to minimize the risk of rejection. Good change management …
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Please wait!

Posted by Katerina Adam
September 11, 2019
If you are a macOS user, eager to upgrade to Catalina (released in Beta phase) PLEASE WAIT until we release the NEW farmerswife with native 64bit support. Important: Do NOT upgrade to macOS Catalina as you will not be able to run your current farmerswife Server and Client desktop app …
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How to make smarter decisions using equipment management tracking

Posted by Katerina Adam
March 26, 2019
Is your equipment a vital part of your business? Then this blogpost is for you. Are you sure you are making the most of your equipment? Read on to discover our tips to improve your business’ effectiveness and productivity! Each tip on its own will save you money and time …
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Five Reasons Why We Love Our Customers

February 13, 2018
It’s Valentine’s Day! We know it’s a bit mushy, but we really do love our customers and wanted to share a few reasons why. Smart and creative people We love the smart, creative people that we work with. We always talk about media organizations and their business, but it’s the people …
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Why Film Budgeting Software is Important for Your Company?

Posted by Stephen Elliott
April 26, 2017
Whether you're running an advertising agency, small production house, corporate media department or simply planning for your next independent feature, film budgeting software is crucial in today's project management landscape. The media industry today encompasses a wide range of companies with varying needs regarding project management and scheduling software, which …
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How to Build a Film Production Budget

Posted by Jodi Clifford
April 03, 2017
When embarking on any film production, whether feature or short, building a production budget is one of the first and most important steps. First, we recommend taking a look at our blog on "How to Create a Film Budget"to understand the different categories that are involved. Once you understand the …
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