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farmerswife's Blog

Designed for media professionals, helping them to organize and track project resources, plan and control the project lifecycle, and manage day-to-day tasks.

How to effectively manage your team’s workload

March 30, 2022
Managing team workload and keeping track isn’t easy. Workload management is a technique that can help keep your team performing at their best, even when resource numbers are limited and deadlines are getting closer. In this blog entry, we’ll highlight everything you need to know about workload management. We’ll cover what it is, …
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Steps for successful software implementation

Posted by Mirja Hukill
February 08, 2022
Implementing a new software can become very time-consuming and expensive, that's why it's crucial to create an implementation plan before the process starts. With a properly developed plan in place, you can avoid making bad decisions, ensure the correct people are involved in the implementation and configure the system correctly. In …
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8 Steps of Production Scheduling for Filmmakers

February 01, 2022
Scheduling and organizing are key factors for any film project. Having a clear overview and understanding of the assets needed to make your film happen is crucial! To be able to do this, the first component on your list should be to have a powerful film production scheduling software such …
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How to make smarter decisions using equipment management tracking

Posted by Katerina Adam
November 10, 2021
Is your equipment a vital part of your business? Then, this blog is for you! To be able to track and control your equipment rental management we highly recommend using a software such as farmerswife's equipment management and tracking Add-On. A powerful tool like our software will provide you with all the …
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Remote Work and Collaboration

Posted by Mirja Hukill
November 09, 2021
The past few months have been a unique time for us all. And we are still facing a somewhat unknown era ahead. For some of our clients the work load exploded and needed to be managed remotely from one day to the next. Other companies came to a complete halt, …
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How to simplify your work with a Post-Production Scheduling Software

November 04, 2021
The complexity of media projects continues to increase, while pressure to do more with fewer resources increases as well. Production companies looking to simplify their workflow to concentrate on the complex nature of projects begins with having the right tool. In this blog we will take you through all the advantages, …
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What is resource management?

Posted by Stephen Elliott
November 01, 2021
Smart resource management requires smart tools. farmerswife intelligently distributes and assigns work to teams, groups, or individuals based on availability and skill requirements, ensuring that the right people are doing the right work. In this blog we will explain what resource management is and why it's important to use a smart …
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Why is time tracking important for organizations?

October 04, 2021
Have you ever completed a project for your Client and wondered how much time it actually took your team to get it done? I am sure the answer is yes. Tracking real time spent on your projects is not only important when you are paying your resources per hour or …
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How to Build a Film Production Budget

Posted by Jodi Clifford
September 13, 2021
Managing a film project can seem simple enough - write or find a script, cast actors and obtain equipment. But not so fast there Scorsese, for a truly successful production process you'll need to build a film production budget first! Creating a budget will help you determine where you need to …
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